Welcome & Opening Remarks | 6 min

2017 MC Dean Perry welcomes the industry’s leading technology innovators and early adopters to the inaugural SSP iLLUMINATE conference in Denver. Get ready to explore how GIS, asset management, and work management are changing for utilities and telecommunications organizations. Dean invites you to network, learn, and eat your fill at the first-ever SSP Innovations conference.

State of SSP Innovations | 42 min

SSP Innovations President Skye Perry explains the genesis of SSP iLLUMINATE and how SSP is working with its Platinum and Gold Partner Sponsors to usher in the Digitally Integrated Utility of the Future. Skye previews the conference’s sessions covering evolutions in versioning, work management, and GIS with Esri Network Management release with Utility Network.

Plenary Part 1 | 17 min

Digital Transformation at the Modern Utility, Bill Meehan (Esri Director of Utility Solutions)

Why do the people who design technology make the choices they do? And how come old technology persists in our daily lives, from our QWRTY keyboards to paper maps in the field? Bill Meehan explains how SCOTOMAS plague today’s utilities — and how a digitally integrated approach can shave time off repetitive processes, improve stakeholder relationships, and protect the integrity and bottom-line of any modern utility service provider. Watch Bill explain how utilities are moving from “paper to platform.” 

Plenary Part 1 Cont’d | 54 min

The Late Show with Skye Perry

In Late Show fashion, Skye Perry interviews the founding fathers of GIS: Esri’s Larry Young, Rick Anderson, Tom Brown, and Erik Hoel. Never before have all four founding fathers taken the stage to explain the history of the versioned geodatabase — until now. Listen to their personal goals, pressures, and triumphs in evolving the GDB as we know it into today and tomorrow’s ArcGIS platform. 

Plenary Part 2 | 29 min

Enterprise Technology at SCANA

Representing the transmission gas side of business. Craig Aull uncovers the profound utility GIS environment being envisioned at SCANA. Craig explains the value the right software has brought to his organization, as well as how his team and vendors have come together to envision an integrated environment — including graphic work design (GWD), GIS, CIS, sales, and more.  

Plenary Part 2 Cont’d | 1 hr 13 min

Future of the Integrated Digital Utility

Discover the power of integration. With less customization and more integration, utilities are modernizing workflows, reducing delays related to information sharing, and maximizing efficiency. Several partners, including Esri and Cityworks, come together in this demonstration to show what an Esri-centric, integrated workflow may look like in the future. See how work will move from one system, to the next, and unite your utility in this plenary highlight.  

Session 1 | 42 min

Utility Network User Panel [Exclusive Q&A with First Users] 

What’s it like to use the Esri Utility Network? Discover what the most-asked questions were for the very first users of the Utility Network. Each member of the three-client panel represents an early adopting utility that acquired access to the Utility Network beta release through their SSP Utility Network Jumpstart. For the first time, the utility GIS community had direct access to both the creators and first users of the Esri Utility Network. Here’s what they thought.

Session 2 | 45 min

SSP Lifecycle Work: Work Management at SCANA

In the southeastern United States, SCANA is driving changes and innovations in the SSP Lifecycle Work (formerly WFM) product. See how this utility-specific, highly configurable, mobile-capable work management system is optimizing the work request lifecycle at SCANA. SCANA’s Karen Giles and SSP Lifecycle Work lead technician Chris Sanders explain the challenges and product ROI in this session with demo. 

Session 3 | 40 min

 ArcGIS Enterprise (formerly Portal) or ArcGIS Online — What’s Different?

What should you consider when choosing between ArcGIS Enterprise (formerly Portal for ArcGIS) or ArcGIS Online? Two veterans in the implementation process, SSP’s Brian Higgins and Ryan Potts, walk you through the differences and common considerations for utilities. The two friends add humor as they reveal not just the history of web GIS, but also their evolving professional acquaintenceship with many of the utilities in the room. To get started on either type of Esri web GIS, visit the SSP ArcGIS Online Jumpstart overview.

Session 4 | 40 min

Cyclical Asset Management

As cyclical assets move in and out of the field, they require a special tracking system to manage their condition, depreciation, and inspections/testing results for regulatory compliance. Join SSP Lifecycle Assets evangelists Trey Price (now of Esri, formerly of Denton Municipal Electric); Jeff Garcia (of Georgia Power and Light); and SSP Senior Consultant Corey Blakeborough for a look at how modern technology can track the complete lifecycle of your rotating assets. Session includes demo of workflows and integrations. (Please note: SSP Lifecycle Assets was formerly called Transformer Manager.)


Session 5 | 42 min

Moving Forward with the Utility Network ArcGIS (10.2.1)

How do you manage a 10.2.1 upgrade while preparing an eventual move to Utility Network? SSP’s senior experts on 10.2.1 upgrades and the Utility Network join forces for a strategy that works today but includes considerations for tomorrow. They put together your 10.2.1 survival kit covering everything you need to know for your integrations and customizations. For a look at how the 10.2.1 upgrade fits into the roadmap at MTEMC, click here.

Session 6 | 39 min

Getting to State Zero: How, Why, and a Case Study

SSP’s “Geodatabase Doctor” Dennise Ramirez shows how you you can get to State Zero with all your versions intact. In her session with Rob Kouba from RAMTeCH and SSP consultants Colton Frazier and John Coleman, Dennise covers reprojection, conflation, moving from Oracle to SQL, and more. You’ll also hear how State Zero helped EWEB stay on the roadmap to the Utility Network with SSP Replay a solution that has helped customers preserve more than 6,000+ geodatabase versions while getting to State Zero.

Session 7 | 42 min

UPDM: How Data Management is Changing for Pipeline Operators

With Esri’s release of UPDM, pipeline operators finally have the ability to house both transmission and distribution data in a single geodatabase. Learn how UPDM works and why it streamlines operations, strengthens integrity management, and helps pipeline operators reduce the cost and time associated with managing critical pipeline data. Learn how you can move to UPDM by contacting the SSP Pipeline Practice

Session 8 | 41 min

Telecommunications GIS

As residential, commercial, and industrial customers demand more bandwidth, the telecommunications industry is experiencing a greater demand than ever for competitive, reliable services. Let SSP Senior Consultant Ryan Potts show you how GIS is offering solutions across the board, from customer relations to service reliability and expansion.

Closing | 19 min

Skye Perry closes out the inaugural SSP iLLUMINATE conference with a look back at the three-day event and a message for the future.