Andy Wright, Epoch Solutions Group

Czar of Xamarin

Andy Wright has a lot of interests, but the one that’s lasted 22 years is GIS. Specifically, Andy has mastered GIS applications for utilities.  As the Director of Product Development for Epoch Solutions Group, Andy drives the industry forward by creating cutting-edge, innovative mobile mapping solutions.

Andy’s current passion is using Microsoft’s Xamarin software to write code once and deploy many times, whether on Android, iOS and other operating systems. And if it sounds like Andy has a lot of interests inside the office, you’ll be pleased to know he has just as many outside the office. 

In fact, outside the office you might find Andy hiking, biking, camping — or performing nearly any sport that requires getting muddy.

When not excelling at sports and product development, Andy is busy brewing and consuming craft beers, as well as following the Boston Red Sox and Chicago Bears from sunny Arizona. He is also devoted husband to wife Sarah and an adorable two-year-old daughter, Murphy. 

This year, Andy speaks at SSP iLLUMINATE during Plenary II


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