Brian Higgins

Portal Protector

Brian Higgins is the good-looking guy you’re glad came into the meeting. Known for getting shistuff done, Brian finds a solution to whatever problem arises, and then executes. Sometimes in the same hour.

A Kentucky boy with a worldly enthusiasm for accountability, Brian is the go-to guy for tracking results. Brian even makes the world’s calmest sport — fishing — competitive. (See spreadsheet below.)

This year, Brian breaks down when it is right to use Portal for ArcGIS or ArcGIS Online.  When he’s not talking GIS, which is rare, you can find Brian at the ping pong table at the Spotted Dog, challenging John Coleman to a rematch. But please do not hug Brian even if you see him win; he is still pretty muscle-sore from the last company ping pong tournament.

SSP Illuminate Brian Higgins Fishing

One of Brian’s Fishing Season Logs, Helpful for YOY Comparisons of Blue Gill Generation

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My Sessions

Session III — Portal for ArcGIS vs. ArcGIS Online: Old Friends, New Topic

Alpine 3&4

How well do you know Web GIS? Esri is encouraging enterprise customers to consider Portal for ArcGIS. And yet, ArcGIS Online is still important. So how does this all work?  Whether you still need to deploy Web GIS, or have already deployed ArcGIS Online — or want to get more out of your Portal —SSP iLLUMINATE is your chance […]