Corey Blakeborough

Agent Asset

Corey Blakeborough can fix almost any problem you put in front of him.

Credit this to his analytical approach, his technical talent, his diligent development, or his mature mentality.  All of these make Corey an asset to utilities.

So it’s no wonder Corey protects utility assets.  

This year, Corey speaks on cyclical asset management at SSP iLLUMINATE. Learn how you can track and manage the full lifecycle of cyclical assets from the time they hit inventory and installation through reinstallation and retirement. 

When he’s not talking assets, ask Corey about any number of other interests, including music, fitness, and family time with his wife Chelley and two-year-old son Keran.

My Sessions

Session I — Beta Utility Network Users Reveal All (Panel)

Alpine 3&4

Get preliminary feedback from a user panel of beta SSP Utility Network Jumpstart Users. Each panel participant tried the Utility Network during Esri’s restricted beta release. Now, for the first time, hear what it’s like to use the Utility Network. Attendees of SSP iLLUMINATE will have an exclusive and unprecedented access to a panel of Utility Network beta users. These […]


Session IV — The Complete History — And Future — of Cyclical Asset Management

Alpine 3&4

Transformer Manager is a web-based, completely configurable, GIS-integrated management system for cyclical assets, like transformers. With Transformer Manager, you gain visibility into every cyclical asset from the time it hits your inventory through installation, maintenance and reinstallation. Join SSP Senior Consultant Corey Blakeborough at SSP iLLUMINATE to discuss efficiencies in cyclical asset management. Corey will […]