Craig Aull, SCANA


“Every new app needs a map!” — Craig Aull, SCANA General Manager

Craig Aull might have the outdoor complexion and physique of a college athlete, because he plays more tennis now than he did then. But don’t let that sun-tanned skin fool you. Craig knows his way around the inside of an IT department like the best of us GIS geeks.

Having managed a GIS group for more than 8 years, Craig has become responsible for all Business Systems Management, GIS and Operations Support at SCANA Corporation in South Carolina. Craig also oversees the Electric Meter Shop, IT system prioritization and the technology plans for SCANA’s retail businesses.

But don’t let all that management fool you, either! Craig could still code his way out of a maze with Cobol if needed.

Find Craig speaking this year about SSP’s Workforce Management and streamlining capital work design.  

When he’s not speaking, ask Craig about being a Clemson Football Natty and his love of fishing on the South Carolina coast.


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