Trey Price, DME

GIS Jesus

You might know Trey Price as “GIS Jesus.” 

“I’m bringing the real truth of spatial awareness to the non-spatial believers,” GIS Jesus says.

Or, you might know Trey Price as the Vice President of the Esri Electric & Gas User Group (EGUG) for 2016-17.

“I’m honored to be carrying the banner for electric and gas GIS users!” the EGUG Veep says.

Or, you might know Trey Price as a member of the Denton Young Professionals leadership board.

“It is extremely enjoyable to support other young professionals in the Denton area,” the mentor says.

If you don’t know Trey Price yet, you will after SSP iLLUMINATE. Trey speaks this year on Transformer Manager. Ask Trey about his work as  Engineering Systems Supervisor at Denton Municipal Electric (DME). In his role, Trey manages all of DME’s: GIS, OMS, IVR, Mobile Workforce Management, Asset Management Systems, Integrations (enterprise wide!). 

When he’s not preaching the good word of spatial awareness, Trey spends his time playing keyboard and saxophone for two Denton, Texas, bands: Ella Minnow and the Denton Tarantinos.  But much like his DME duties, that’s far from where his hobbies stop. Ask Trey what it’s like being a co-owner of Leila’s Food Truck (Middle Eastern vegetarian food) and a certified SKYWARN Storm Spotter.

For your viewing pleasure, “Push, Push” from Ella Minnow: 

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